So if you’ve ever encountered me for more than 16 minutes either online or in person, then you probably know how much I love The Rise of Arsenal #3. Prior to San Diego Comic Con, I planned on doing a very special sketchbook in honor of my love for this book, riffing on what is easily the best page this year, if not in all of comics history. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need explanation (there is no way of justifying it). I only managed to get three sketches because I was pretty busy with other stuff throughout the con, but they’re all awesome beyond words. As always, click to enlarge. Let’s check ‘em out:

Arsenal and Garfield by Dean Trippe

Talking about Superman with Dean was one of the highlights of my experience at the con. Also, while working on the sketch he pointed out that it was probably he darkest thing he had ever drawn in his life. I’m proud of that. You should check out his incredible work right here, and make sure you also get a look at Project Rooftop.

Arsenal and Simba by Chris Burnham

Shortly after I started explaining what I wanted to Chris, the artists at the other tables began to stare at me as if I am a very sick man, but then Chris just put words to it and said “You’re a very sick man.” Then he giggled maniacally and went to work. Check out his site here. I also got a copy of Officer Downe from him, written by Joe Kelly. I highly recommend it.


Arsenal and Ray Smuckles, by Tracie Mauk with dialogue by Kevin Church

Tracie and Kevin are buddies of mine and so they decided to go all out for me, and did they ever. Tracie perfectly captured Arsenal’s crazed face and body language, and did up what can only be described as a virtuosic Dead Smuckles. Kevin provided the dialogue for some much-needed commentary. They’ve just started putting out a hilarious superhero webcomic called FIGHT!. Read it read it you must read it because it is a wonderful thing.

You better believe that I plan on continuing this. And if you want to read the full chronicle of my descent into madness during the convention itself, check out my Dispatches from Comic Con.

UPDATE: I want to send some credit in David Uzumeri’s direction for inspiring me to think of this sketchbook some time back. Sometimes messing around with ideas on twitter can lead to forgetting how those ideas developed. Also, I don’t even remember what I was doing 30 seconds ago, so there’s that. Being the humble creature that he is, he said I didn’t need to acknowledge this, but now I have an excuse to tell you to hit up his incredible writing over at Funnybook Babylon and Comics Alliance. I would also like to point out that since his name is David and he writes for Comics Alliance, it goes without saying that he is devastatingly handsome.